The Fitness Industry Has Been Lying To You – Only To Take Your Money


24 Ways Fitness Has Deceived You & The REAL Solutions To Them


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Do You Know That Fitness Centers Alone Generate Over 83 Billion Dollars In Revenue Every Year?


You Wouldn’t Believe How Much Money The Fitness Industry Is Ripping People Off By Selling You False Beliefs And Unrealistic Expectations!!!

Amazing Diet Plans, Eye Popping Weight Loss Pills, New And Improved Fitness Or Cardio Routines, “Revolutionary” Fitness Products, Quick Help Tips From Self Proclaimed Gurus, So-Called Muscle Gain Formulas And Tricks And Tons Of Other Pocket Emptying Products. All Of Them Have One Goal: To Take Away Your Money And Leave You With False Hopes.

Stop wasting time and money on useless products!

24 Ways Fitness Has Deceived You & The REAL Solutions To Them

Learn the exact way your body works and how to lose weight, gain muscle IMMEDIATELY!

You no longer have to waste money on pills that do not work or routines that make you jdo ridiculous exercises!


Learn the exact way your body works and how to lose weight, gain muscle, and eat avoid making the same mistakes I did when I was learning about fitness!

Whether You Want To Lose Weight Or Gain Healthy Muscle, The Start Your Fitness Journey Is Here!

  • Find out what natural organic foods really do to your body.
  • Are there really detox diets?
  • What about the harms related to these detoxifying foods?
  • Can pills really facilitate weight loss?
  • Discover the truth about 8-16 fast days and workouts while fasting.
  • Do small weights and more reps really help in weight loss?
  • The truth behind sugar and fruits causing weight gain or loss!
  • Cardios or weight training, where should you start and why?
  • Is it possible to turn your fat into muscle?
  • Cheat days, should they even exist?
  • The real concept of calories in and out, and the truth behind it all.
  • Is it possible to solely focus on and reduce your waist – fast?
  • Discover if there is a good and best time to take protein.
  • What happens when you try to achieve higher goals, before the right time.

And other eye-popping facts that will Get You THE RESULTS YOU WANT!

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You will never see the fitness industry the same way again. In fact the moment you see Dr. Oz telling you about a new product that also featured on “CNN” or “NBC”, you will know in an instant if it’s another scheme or if it works.

You won’t believe the lies fitness gurus have been telling you all along, just to take your money.

Uncover All The Lies Fitness Industry Has Been Advertising All These Years

Fitness Can Be Frustrating! I Know This FirstHand

That’s why I made everything simple & outline for you the most common fitness myths and how to work around them. This way you don’t have to waste your money and more importantly your time on useless gimmicks and workout routines that are worthless


I was a victim of all of these fitness fallacies myself, asking hundreds of people their opinion on: Detox diets, “special” shakes, high reps or low reps.

I’ve tried it myself, I’ve gone through the pain of being lost over and over from conflicting opinions websites and workout magazines.

Everything in this book is backed by clients I’ve trained, people I’ve guided, my own personal experiences, as well as scientific research.

I am also certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, where I have studied these matters thoroughly.

  • Do you really need low carb diets can help you? Find out in this eBook.
  • Want to get those amazing looking abs fast? Let’s do it for real.
  • What will over training do to your body? Discover the truth inside.
  • Know the reality behind creatine and its effects on your body.
  • Is green tea really helpful for weight loss? Know the real facts.
  • And many other simple ways the fitness industry has been cheating you!

24 Ways Fitness Has Deceived You & The REAL Solutions To Them will solve all your big fitness issues that have always tripped you and made you give up.

Plus, it will give you the solutions that you have to focus on to really get the results.

This eBook is to the point! Most people give up on their fitness goals because there is so much information to digest and lot of it is so contradicting that they don’t know what to believe and what not to.

Right now, you have the chance to overcome it all and finally know the truths behind everything that confused you about weight loss and muscle gain.

I spent years and a fortune analyzing, trying and testing all of these misleading claims.I was just spinning my wheels and not making any gains in the meantime . In short, I learned the hard way. I compiled everything in this eBook so that you do not have to go over the same mistakes I did.

Now, You Have A Choice, Make The Same Mistakes I Did, Spend Years On Learning The Stuff In This Book Or Get It All Now And Do It All The Right Way From Day 1!
This eBook has changed lives of hundreds of people out there and saved them several years and thousands of dollars from going in the wrong pockets, and it will save you a lot too.
By Spending Just $9.99, You Can Save At Least Over $1000 And Several Months And Maybe Years Of Wasted Time – Guaranteed!


Buy 24 Ways Fitness Has Deceived You & The REAL Solutions To Them

And Start Getting Results For Real

“Fady Mansi has helped clarify common myths and misconceptions for me and I have been a personal trainer/bodybuilder for 13 years!”

Fady Mansi has helped clarify common myths and misconceptions for me and I have been a personal trainer/bodybuilder for 13 years! His knowledge is first class compared to many I’ve heard and have seen in the fitness industry. I highly recommend Fady Mansi’s insight to anyone, beginner or advanced. He has helped me with it and continues to help me beyond what I can type into words.

James Tangherlini

I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Twenty Four Ways Fitness Has Deceived You”

In addition to learning a lot on common misconceptions in the fitness/weight loss arena I learned healthy approaches to better myself. I feel more confident that I can attain the goals I have set for my health and fitness without succumbing to falsities. Added bonuses to reading this e-book were that he wrote it as if we were just chatting at a gym or coffee shop which ensured an entertaining yet informative read. I highly suggest this book for anyone looking to attain health and fitness goals without gimmicks.

Julie WIlkins

“As a personal trainer, I recommend this book to anyone looking to make a healthy lifestyle change”

Great source of information throughout this book, especially when we find ourselves falling for these fast and easy ways to losing weight. As a personal trainer, I recommend this book to anyone looking to make a healthy lifestyle change. Educating themselves on the myths of fitness and finding the right solution for long lasting results

Luis Rico

I believe Fady did an excellent job in describing some common myths within the fitness world today.

This Ebook provides audiences with basic knowledge that will propel them in their fitness journey. Whether they’re just beginning or have been working out but were lost because of the misconceptions the fitness industry has put out there.

Sampson Brue

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The knowledge you will get from this book is what most don’t even learn throughout a lifetime. Most people waste their time trying to find the right answers to these common misconceptions and end up giving up due to being so overwhelmed. I know this because I was that person.

Every week, I’d ask who I thought was a credible person their opinion on something, do what they’ve advised for a week, then see something in a magazine article that says the complete opposite. Only to ultimately go back and forth between all the opinions and magazine articles and end up quitting before I started.

It’s a vicious cycle and it sucks! Trust me, I did it for years.

Learn from my mistakes and take the proven path backed by research and actual application to myself and a multitude of clients. I’ve done the groundwork for you.

End the frustration and focus on the task at hand at becoming the best version of yourself!

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$9.99 Only

Have a question? We probably already answered it below!

Who is this this book for?
This is for anyone that is confused about fitness and nutrition. This book will help guide you in the direction you want to go. I’ve compiled the most common fitness myths and the truths to them in one spot. This way you can focus more on working to get your goal body, instead of wondering what you are doing is right.
Why will this benefit me?
This book is going to save you precious time and money. Time in the gym killing yourself, thinking what you’re doing is right, when you could be wasting your time. You’ll be saving tons of money from avoiding purchasing magic powders, pills, and weight loss programs that have outrageous claims. You’re going to learn the real truth behind them and how to do what actually works! This will help you take your nutrition and workouts to a new level by understanding what to do correctly.
Is this suited for a beginner?
Absolutely! In fact this book is for anyone who is sick and tired of working out and dieting with little to no results. Whether you are a new to working out, or have been working out for years. This book will help you get to the next level.
I'm not a young adult, will this program still work for someone considerably older?
Yes, especially in the nutritional part of this book. Nutrition is vital to your health, so understanding what and how to eat is key to keep you healthy for a long time, in your 20s 40s and 60s.
How soon can I use the information in this book?
Instantly! 24 Ways Fitness has deceived you & the Real solutions to them provides you quality content from the first read. You will instantly learn fallacies and why they have been hindering your progress. You’ll be able to make adjustments to your diet and workouts immediately!
Can this benefit women as well as men?
Absolutely! Women and men alike can both benefit from this as we touch on topics that affect both. Nobody is singled out.
What if it doesn’t work for me?

Then it’s all FREE.
Simple, if you apply the principles of 24 Ways Fitness has deceived you & the Real solutions to them, and do NOT benefit from the changes you’re applying in your first 60 days, just contact us and we’ll refund your money. That easy.
We stand behind our product as the contemporary book of fitness, and if doesn’t yield you results and progress from what you’ve done in the past, you get your money back. No hassles, no hoops to jump through, just a prompt, courteous refund.
As you can see, the responsibility is 100% on us to deliver — the only thing you need to do is let us prove it to you!

$9.99 Only

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